2022/06  Student Scientific Conference 2022 in Kosice, Slovakia 

We are proud to share success of academic cooperation with Skoda Auto University on International Student Scientific Conference 2022 in Kosice, Slovakia.
Our supply chain project with student of International Supply Chain Management Martin Jaroš” has won the “Jury Award” in competition of 8x Technical Universities of Eastern Europe.

Sharing of our practical experiences with young generation of supply chains professionals is part of our mission.

The project scope was digitalization and inventory level standardisation:
Evaluating the “Company” with the subsequent design of a solution to achieve better efficiency of the supplier-customer relationship with selected suppliers, including the evaluation of benefits. The main source of optimization is the digitization of suppliers deliveries in the form of the IKS electronic E-kanban application. The gained benefits were reduction of held inventory at the customer, improved communication with suppliers, better overview of material flow, reduction of administrative costs, digitization of processes, improved efficiency, visualization of stocks and savings in human resources.

IKS e-kanban
IKS e-kanban
IKS e-kanban 2022

IKS e-kanban helps to calculate and fix standard inventory level. This will support to identify the costs and the value of inventory, inventory accommodation costs, warehouse rental costs. Standard stock can be also calculated for higher inventory level and longer non-stable supplychain is supported by ON-LINE proactive management.