What is the Integrated e-Kanban System IKS?

The Integrated eKanban System (IKS) is an easy-to-use web-based electronic Kanban system especially designed for production and logistics. Compared to traditional manual Kanban systems, the IKS software allows the complete monitoring of the Kanban situation, the automatic sending of Kanban signals in real-time and the continuous improvement of the Kanban processes. With IKS you are ideally equipped for future mega trends such as digitalization and Industry 4.0…

Integrated Kanban System - The web-based E-KANBAN solution for your company

See our IKS e-kanban introduction video

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Right decisions
Plan, produce and deliver in real time according to the current situation
Be Ahead of Competition
The logic of 100% customer-oriented online visualization
Digitalise SMART
Use IoT and digital technology more effectively with online visualisation
Speed-up TIME
Eliminate all time delays in communication and processes management
Maximize through-put
Manage all bottleneck processes or key resources without waste
Resources on MAX
Optimize and use all your resources effectively right now
On Click
Deliver by automated process directly to end-customer users
COSTS Reduction
Correct and fast reduction of operating costs by 40%+
IKS e-kanban is constantly improved by logistics professionals new ideas
Intuitive environment with fast implementation and simple administration