Kanban without limits and borders

The most important milestone for IKS e-kanban software was the complete source-code transformation in to CLOUD platform.
Most of the world enterprises are attempting to benefit from globalisation. Smaller companies are acquired by larger ones whose management is centralised in robust IT systems. Daily operations and employees are tied by endless rules of bureaucratic approvals.
IKS Cloud can help both the company management and also to end users. IKS Cloud can be installed on central server with one integrating bridge, one IT support for all individual intercompany locations. Each intercompany in the organization is independent and flexible in all the IKS settings,  defining process workflows, labels, and languages.  Subsidiaries can deliver to each other cyclical deliveries and streamline their own flows and transport. Suppliers may serve to multiple subsidiaries of the same customer and executing in the same kanban standard with pull deliveries to consignment or distribution warehouse.

The dynamic overview of real customer needs in IKS e-kanban can substitute most of paper-based scheduling. IKS integration into enterprise system is triggered by kanban ID as a unique identificatory a cross of both systems. Every transaction is using Kanban ID as an identification reference on supplier order, delivery advice, receipt number, supplier invoice, warehouse movement, production work order, dispatching order, transport order, sales order and customer invoice. Even customer-specific information can be entered in IKS during transaction execution and becoming a part of the kanban ID history.

The only paper which should remain, is the physical Kanban ID label marking of material, so that the users can never miss-touch the correct item unit!

What are the relations inside of your organisation, are your intercompanies collaborative or competitors?

We do always ask our customers about their service level priority to external customer and the intercompany customer? What level of services do you receive and what level you provide? What volume of inventory are your intercompany purchased parts and what is the value of finished products in your warehouse? The general result: Every company has huge opportunity for improvement!

IKS e-Kanban intercompany CLOUD is the only one absolutely LEAN and PAPERLESS process on the market!

IKS data structure is fully compatible with the structure of global enterprise IT systems, including security and user restriction.
Each intercompany can see only own data, that are not visible to other plants. Local teams are managing own kanban loops, setups and reports.

We can help you define integration concept to get optimised data for successful data set-up and maximal data accuracy for all users, managers, departments and including accounting. Data exchange between IT systems and IKS are done automatically by data export and import. IKS removes all paperwork, manual data entries, typing errors, waiting for information or users and user work backups.

Full potential of IKS Cloud we just discovering.

Join us too!