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There are no business limits where the high level of service to the customers can be given by IKS.
IKS is supporting production, services and deliveries of Hi-Tech products, life comfort products and multiple industrial products.

What our IKS e-kanban customers are saying

… it is important that the key people (manager, leader receipts of goods and manufacturing etc.) are persuaded of Kanban solutions. Examples in dealing with the IKS Kanban software confirm that the promised positive effects will definitely arrive. Actually we have connected 23 suppliers and we steadily work on its extension.

M. A.

strategical material management, Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn

The e-Kanban system IKS has a very clear representation and it is also very user-friendly. The training of new employees is uncomplicated, the understanding of the sequence and processes already becomes clear after a very short time. We from Mosca have decided to buy a system which has contributed during the past years over and over again to improve the material supply in production and assembly line.

R. K.

Jürgen Ernst - Leader assembly and logistics, Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG, Waldbrunn

All relevant Kanban processes must be easy and clear to do. We have decided to work with IKS, because it is based on our high-class cycle PDCA and it is a great software to support the continuous improvement process (Kaizen) of our Kanban system.

D. K.

Materials and Logistic Manager, Sunrise Medical GmbH, Malsch/Heidelberg

Worldwide Enterprises in many different types of business trust in our Kanban System solutions – and this since 2003!

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