2020/04  Škoda Auto University on-line education workshop

The Holistic supply chain functional in 30 minutes with 20 global users in ON-LINE training!
Cooperation with Skoda Auto University students allows us to implement non-standard simulations, that we wouldn´t test with our customers.

We like our students cooperation – they don´t suffer from professional blindness or resistence to change. All of us were enjoying this fully virtual logistics game as the Covid-19 health care and medical devices distribution.

20 students sitting at home, logged in to IKS e-kanban for the first time were able to successfully run this logistics simulation of four health care items and their supply cain (supplier production> shipping> transport> customer receipt> consumption). They performed these transactions by mobile cameras and whole situation was monitored on our web meeting screen. The biggest surprise was, that one of the students groups has started working independently already within the first 30 minutes after first introduction in to the IKS e-kanban application.

We are glad that this enthusiasm is mutual and beneficial for the new generation of logistics specialists!