2020/05  Health care distribution logistic support offer

Škoda Auto University students are helping

We would like to inspire you with this contribution and use the recording from online workshop in Czech language, which shows the basic principles of Holistic Logistics Management in the intuitive environment of IKS e-kanban.

Compilated record of 2.5 hours of on-line education and practical logistics training with Škoda Auto University students – Department of Production Management, Logistics and Quality, subject Supply Chain Management led by Ing. David Holman, Ph.D. (https://www.savs.cz/all-news/news-det…)

To make this lecture exercise as beneficial as possible, we have used the current Covid-19 logistics situation, that shows the opportunity of Holistic supply chain management of  medical supplies.

The holistic logistics tool “IKS e-kanban” helps to manage global resources, production and distribution according to actual needs in real time. The result of the exercise was 18 individually working students from home in the intuitive environment of IKS e-kanban. Where they were able to synchronize their supply chains  within few minutes into a holistic online process. Even if this video is in Czech language you can see the timing where is visible that the students are independently working after 7 minutes from login in to IKS e-kanban.

This recording of the lecture is intended to inspire,  that the kanban principle is very  functional simple and easy to implement.

IKS e-kanban helps your company in coming economic crisis

  • minimize the necessary resources
  • increase the flexibility and efficiency of processes according to real needs
  • close cooperation with suppliers will reduce the risk of their bankruptcy (they will use only necessary resources)
  • reduction of administrative staff / paperless process management
IKS e-kanban and students of Skoda Auto University have offered theit support and help to Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce – Coronavirus team:

We as team offer you administration and visualisation of health material availability and on-line coordination of their distribution:

  • Global on-line interconnection and visualization of any  supplied material, central distribution availability, intermediate warehouses stock and end users locations
  • We can connect non-standard supplier flows online to help synchronize deliveries or final assembly across multiple-companies