How to gain benefits with IKS e-kanban

Where other kanban tools ends, there IKS is just starting!

IKS – Integrated Kanban System is built from thousands of details required by the real operational processes. Our kanban users are the day-to-day designers of IKS e-kanban environment. Since 2003, the “manufactusu GmbH” team has started own IKS e-kanban journey of continuous improvements to help standardize production and logistics processes for its users.

On this page we would like to introduce the IKS structure and main modules usage. Share the reasons why modules were released and what benefits were delivered to our customers.


When used:

IKS Cloud, IKS Scanning, IKS Kanban board, IKS Kanban Manager, Early warning , Reports, Analyses and graphs

When used:

IKS Scanning, Scanning in batch, IKS Kanban board, IKS Heijunka board, Visualisation of machines, Make to Order, FIFO Expiration, IKS Cloud, IKS Manager with ERP integration module, ReCalculating

When used:

IKS Kanban board, IKS Heijunka board, Non-repetitive parts, Make to Order, FIFO Expiration, Reports, Analyses and graphs


When used: 

IKS Scanning, Scanning in batch, Visualisation of machines, Early warning to shortages, IKS Kanban board, Non-repetitive parts, Make to Order parts

IKS – Integrated kanban system is a package of practical experiences and will provide you very stable environment with absolute confidence for every user.

Mostly implemented e-kanban processes:

Supplier kanban – purchasing, delivery, consignment and 3PL
Transportation kanban – stock transfers and milk-runs
Production kanban – internal workorders and production projects
Customer kanban – customer deliveries, consignment and 3PL
Intercompany kanban – production orders and milk-runs
Services kanban – visualization of available tools, forms, aids or their maintenance

IKS base information >

IKS WEB portal

Real-time connections of workstations, vendors, intercompany, external warehouses or customers via the internet in 13 different languages.
IKS WEB is a very intuitive environment for end user and below here is a small overview.

Kanban board

Heijunka board

Visualisation of machines

Non-repetitive parts

Make to Order

FIFO Expiration

Scanning in batch


Early warning

IKS GF portal

The IKS GF portal is also a totally intuitive tool for managing and continually improving the IKS Kanban system. Portal is designed especially for IKS administrators and IT support, who manage data on a daily basis and support users.

And here is general overview of features.

Kanban Manager

Early warning

Analyses and charts


No Kanban, like a Kanban!