2020/03  10 Free tips


  1. Change the company strategy and KPI of each department with the focus on the company successful survive as the whole. (The finished goods recorded as profit to be realized, can be initiator of your bankruptcy.)
  2. Adjust your company’s priorities: 20% of products or services are generating 80% of your sales or revenue. Run your top 20% products
  3. Uniform all design, product portfolio and your services, to reduce the required resources or components on absolute minimum.
  4. Unify all resources and suppliers, so that they are as close as possible, functional and capable to flexible react on changing needs.
  5. Produce only based on actual customer needs (forecast and order can be cancelled). Ensure data sharing and close customer collaboration.
  6. Don´t use any material and resources to keep the production just running.
  7. Don´t feed your warehouses, you are blocking finance and running in to risk of components, money and capacity shortage when customer needs it.
  8. Standardize your production batch size to optimum quantities (the max. 90% production time / 10% change-over; faster change-over = reduce batch)
  9. Run production only on the basis of a stock availability, the minimum stock qty must be sufficient to cover time needed for stock replenishment.
  10. Online sharing processes and inventory levels with customers and suppliers, will help all of you to be absolute flexible with minimal cost.